PRODUCTION (Final Output)

  • Where it all comes together. After the initial capture of new images or audio, or even the reproduction of existing work, you're newly minted designs and files are presented in a multitude of available formats.
    • ONLINE - photos, movies and more can be made available to you via privately maintained web pages, directly from our server, or via DropBox™, right to your e-mail box or handheld device. Available for download for 30 days.
    • DVD - boxed and carded with original art or stock designs available in HD, SD, and BlueRay (currently out-sourced).
    • CD - your original music, voice reel, or restored and recovered audio preserved and playable on many devices.
    • SECURE DIGITAL - Every client receives their own 32 GB SD Card. Your data is retained as a permanent record and filed with your contact information. Additional posts or media available if your data is lost, for an additional fee.
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