Digital "raw" Capture

  • Raw capture is a general term for a wide variety of formats of visual or auditory data captured by a sensor and saved
    as a "file" that can be opened on a computer or other digital media reading device. Some images are still and some moving. Available reources of capture available are:
    • Photography - still capture on location or in studio.
      • RAW, JPG, GIF, PNG...
    • Videography - live capture on location or in studio.
      • HD, SD, DV, MOV, AVI, WMV, MP4, M4V...
    • Scanning - two dementional available.
      • 35mm, slides and negatives (chromatic film)
      • 8mm and 16mm film
    • Audio - live, folied, cassette, reel, LP, 45 (33, 45, 78); ICR, 12, 16, and 32 bit.
      • WAV, MP3
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